100 Men Challenge

100 Men Challenge

Tim Thiessen Pic - replace (2)The “100 Men Challenge” started when Bufe Karraker & G.L. Johnson met in 1961.  Bufe was Director at Youth For Christ and G.L. volunteered for Missionary Ministry.  Both were new to Fresno and they shook hands and said “Let’s take this city for Jesus”. Neither were Pastors at the time.  A few years back, Lou Herwaldt said at a CBMC Fresno Board Meeting, “Get 100 Men to make a commitment to make a difference in this city”.

Our Guest speaker is  – Tim Thiessen – former FSU & Professional Baseball Star and Coach at Bullard High School & Clovis West.

About a year ago, Tim was on his deathbed with this strange disease that came out of no where. It was the West Nile Virus!!

MC – Pat Ogle

Location Cornerstone Conference Center – 1545 Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721
Breakfast $7