About CBMC Vision and Core Values

Christian Business Men’s Connection

A Faith Based Men’s Organization
that offers businessmen

an opportunity

Christian Business Men’s Connection is a faith based men’s organization that offers businessmen an opportunity to connect with local business leaders and to share the issues of their lives with one another.


Supporting Other Businessmen

CBMC is all about supporting other businessmen through great fellowship, good food, and presentations by interesting speakers who focus on the bottom line of life and who model how they have learned to apply biblical principles.

Our breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings cover a series of real life topics that help marketplace men live more abundant, satisfying lives. The mood is always welcoming, light hearted and intent on building supportive relationships. Our focus is the two-fold purpose of evangelism and discipleship through life-on-life discipleship relationships, based upon our mission, vision, and core values.

Sooner or later, we all conclude that there’s got to be something more to life. Everything may be perfect, and yet we wonder if this is all there is to living. At CBMC, we believe the secret to solving our discontent lies in connection. By connecting with God and other men, we can experience the kind of satisfaction that fills our lives with meaning.

In CBMC, Christian businessmen connect others to Jesus Christ, and by His grace, they connect to other businessmen from all walks of life. Our diverse members share a common desire to deepen their connection with God, and along the way, they tell others about the completeness they’ve discovered through Christ. Because when they do, everything seems to connect.

CBMC Fresno

CBMC, (Christian Business Men’s Connection) connects business people to one another and to Jesus Christ. This video shares the services and the Fresno connection to CBMC National.

CBMC’s Vision

Empowering a team of like-minded leaders – we reach and disciple men in the marketplace, investing our lives in others, and by God’s power, men reaching men will multiply throughout our community.

Our Core Values

Delivering on our mission requires people, working with others, who share the following values:


Passion to invest in the lives of others through the process of one-on-one relationships for evangelism and discipleship


Intimacy with Christ is paramount, and all that we do must emanate from our life in Christ and His life in ours


Willingness to create and maintain a team-oriented environment in order to multiply what God wants to accomplish through us


Accountable for commitments, results, and respect to guests, partners, directors, and employees

CBMC Investing in Men

Responsible to be an effective steward of our Creator’s resources so that through our performance, His power will be unleashed in us all.

At CBMC, we invest in men and ask that you contact our office or click on the “Make a CBMC Donation” tab to help support the efforts of the Christian Business Men’s Connection–Fresno.