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CBMC Fresno Team

Meet the CBMC Fresno team.

Steve Hosey
Fresno Area Leader


Steve Hosey, has been a small business owner and former Major League Baseball (MLB) player, he has a deep commitment to the Fresno community because of the impact our community had on him when he was a young baseball player at California State University of Fresno (Fresno State).  Although Steve grew up in East Oakland, in in a single parent household, Fresno has been his home and where him and his wife decided to raise their family the last 30 years.  Our community had such an impact on Steve that during his Major-League Baseball career, when he played and coached for the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics, Steve and his family made Fresno their offseason home.  

 In Addition to this Steve has served in his local church for over a decade in a leadership position and provided mentorship and guidance for young families in our community.

In 2019 Steve and his Wife Deborah both graduated from Life Pacific University with degrees in Christian Ministry and Leadership.