Dad the Family Shepherd

This is a program to learn what you gained from your father the good and maybe not so good. What characteristics did you take from your father. It’s a multi week men’s group program this isn’t a Bible Study but it is Biblically based. Dad the Family Shepherd role is to help in the “Building Confident Dads!”

We are told in Ephesians to imitate God as dearly loved children. As men, perhaps our highest role in this life is to be a father. Our role model for this position is God himself. A father should live a life that will allow his children to see and experience who our heavenly father is. While this may not be an easy task, we should realize in doing so, our children will have an easy transition from trusting an earthly father to trusting a heavenly father.

Fathers need to understand the attributes necessary to accomplish success in this area. These attributes can be summarized in three powerful roles: prophet, priest, and king. The prophet instructs his family about God. The priest represents his family to God through prayer and faith. The king leads his family to follow the ways of God. Nothing will change our nation as powerfully and dramatically as men becoming the fathers that God intended them to be.

David Justice, CPA | Justice Jorgensen & CO President