End of Year Message 2019

End of Year Message 2019

Last week was our Annual CBMC/CBWC Christmas Luncheon with our very special guest & entertainer – Elvis Presley (well, it was Jeremy Pierce), but he looks & sounds like Elvis!      

Our purpose is to connect Businessmen & Business Women to one another and to Christ.  That is all done thru building relationships, coming along side another person, Mentoring & Discipling.

For example Jack Hannah – the Singing Cowboy, meets each Wednesday morning with a group of 20 cowboys in a Bible Study.  He also is in Operation Timothy each week.  Once a month he has an “All Day” Bible Study.  Twice a day he mentors one man by phone.  Once a week he mentors 2 other men by phone.  Once a week he mentors one man in person.

David Justice – our CPA, leads 2 groups of men each week – one group studying Derek Prince’s Book “Atonement”.

Denny Stubblefield and his wife Sandy have led over 140 men & women in Operation Timothy.  They just finished meeting with “Stallion” Patrick Kim and his Bride Valerie.  The 140 men & women have, in turn, discipled over 400 others.  The power of multiplication in Discipleship        .

Danny Herwaldt mentors 3 men each month and hosts a Couples Bible Study – 5 couples each week.

“Stallion” Alex Wilson just returned to Hawaii to mentor and disciple students &  young adults.

“Stallion” Ryan McGaha – only 20, just graduating from FSU & heading to Dallas Theological Seminar.

Jerrod Bradley – Teacher and Tommy Leon – Business Owner continue to lead small groups of men in Dave Simmons fabulous study – “Dad, The Family Shepherd”.

And me – What do I do all day?

*Each Tuesday – Bible Study with 6 men.

*Each Wednesday – Prayer group with 6 men.

*3 times a month meet with group of 8 “Stallions” (ages 20 to 40).

*1 time a month – “All Day” Bible study with Jack Hannah, Bob Bennett, Bob Talmadge, Fred Frazier and Billy Bartels, who flies in from Connecticut each month.  We are studying David Jeremiah’s Book – “Overcomer”.

*Once a week lead Operation Timothy with 2 men.

*In addition, I mentor 10 to 12 men each week.

We are here to make a real difference in our community – to impact people for Jesus Christ.  What we do obviously costs money! Lot’s of coffee, sodas, snacks, plus putting on our monthly events. So we need your help!

*Can you do an automatic monthly deduction of $25, $50, $100 or more?

*Can you do a year end contribution of $500, $1,000, $2,500?

Go to our website CBMCfresno.com or call our office at 225-5095 & talk with Kathy.  We need your help to finish the year! Fresno CBMC is the only CBMC on the West Coast other than LA & Orange County, and that is why this Central Valley has become known as the Bible Belt of Calif. & America.

We need $15,000 to finish this year and cover the 1st two weeks of January. 

We appreciate all of you.  We thank God for you.  Merry Christmas.

Celebrate the Birth of The Lord Jesus!

Tom Sommers – Area  Director
CBMC Fresno