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CBMC is Christian Businessmen’s Connection.  Worldwide Ministry with the mission to “Connect Businessmen with one another and to Christ”.  We are all about Discipleship & Mentoring men of all ages, all occupations, all backgrounds.  All men!

We have many young men in their 20’s, 30’s & 40’s involved – we call them the “Young Stallions”.  We meet with 8 – 10 men everyday.  Some are Bible Studies.  Some are listening & getting to know the other men.  We mentor & listen to men – one on one!

The main Discipleship Tool we use is “Operation Timothy” – a one on one or small group study started originally by Joe Coggeshall – WWII Navy.  Operation Timothy is now printed in many  languages & we are told it is the most widely used Discipleship tool in the world.

We also use “Dad, The Family Shepherd” – a unique 4 week study started by Dave Simmons from Little Rock, Arkansas.  It’s all about your Dad – the relationship with him.  How to learn about and forgive your Dad.  This is the most powerful study I have ever experienced because studies show that a high % of men do not have a good relationship with their Dad.

CBMC is a 501©3 Ministry.  We raise $$ throughout the year to cover our office rent, our staff – 2 Secretaries & myself, and all the materials, food & coffee as we host many men & women every day.

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Have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 559-225-5095